ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan


  • Khost Province

    5 June 2020

    Khost is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the southeast of the country, with a latitude of 69 degrees 39 minutes and 58 seconds and a latitude of 33 degrees 5 minutes and 24 seconds. It is bounded to the north and west by Paktia province, to the south by Paktika province and by Pashtun tribes, Sayedgi and Wazir tribes across the Durand Line, to the east by North Waziristan and Korma Agency. According to the Farhang Amid Send, Khost means island or land in the middle of the river. According to folklore, in ancient times the water that came out of the mountains of Zadran, Mangalo, and Tanis was flowing in Khost and there was no way out. Khost used to be a large district of Paktia province and current districts used to be at the level of villages, which was upgraded to the provincial level during the reign of Dr. Najibullah. Currently, it has there are three administrative units, Shamal, Matun, and Including Laknaw. It has 12 districts namely Spere, Do Manda, Nadir Shah Kot, Ismail Khel and Mandozai, Tanai, Garboz, Alisher, Sabri, Bak, Zazi Maidan, Musa Khel, and Qalandar. Khost is inhabited by 15 major and minor tribes, including Mangal, Zadran, Tanai, Sabri, Garbiz, Matun, Lakan, Alisher, Terezi, Babakarkhel, Ghalji, Ismail Khel, Mandoze and Zazi