ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan


  • Province: Jawzjan

    3 July 2020

    Location: North

    Jawzjan province is one of the important and secondary provinces in the north of the country, which shares borders with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and is one of the important sources of gas.

    It is located 555 km away from Kabul and is bordered on the east with Balkh province, in the west with Faryab province, and in the south with Sar-e-Pul province.

    Population: 500,000

    Area: 14,660 kilometer-squares

    Ethnicity: Uzbeks, Turkmens, Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Aymaqs, Arabs, Saadats, Pashayis, Jogef Norestani, Qerghez, Baloochs, and Qazaqs.

    Languages: Uzbeki, Dari, Turkmeni

    Armed Opposition Group(s): The Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Haqqani Network, Irresponsible Armed Individuals

    Districts Under Control of the Government: It has 10 districts, most of them face high security-threats by the Taliban

    Districts Under Control of the Taliban: Qosh Tapa, Mangjaik, Mardian, Aqcha, Darzab, Khanaqa, and Qarqin

    Contested Districts: 

    Government’s Appointed Governor for the Province: 

    Taliban’s Distinct Governor for the Province: 

    Major Security Incident(s):

    - The war between the Taliban and ISIS (took place in Qosh Tapah and Darazb districts, which eventually resulted in the surrender of nearly 400 ISIS members to the government, 1397) .

    - The fall of Khomab district (Taliban captured and took control of Khomab district in offensive attacks, in 1397).

    - Retaking control of Koloft Commercial Port (Koloft Commercial Port was occupied by the Taliban for two years and was recaptured as a result of a large-scale operation by security forces)

    - Retaking control of Khomab district (after two years, Khomab district was taken back by the security forces)

    Documented Incidents Since RiV:

    - The Taliban attacked the endurance of Dewqala hill in Khamab district above the base of security forces, who have resisted the active defense of the security forces, as a result of which 7 Taliban fighters were killed and 11 others were wounded. (26 Hamal 1399)

    A spokesman for Jawzjan’s provincial press office said in a statement that 9 Taliban insurgents, including Khairullah Pahlavan, a Taliban commander, were killed and 18 others were wounded in a joint operation by security forces under the name of “224 Shaheen” in Mangjik district of the province. Besides, security forces discovered and neutralized 10 mines in different parts of the district. (30 Sawr, 1399)
    Mohammad Hanif Rezaei, the spokesman for the 209th Shaheen Corps, confirmed that a Taliban mine had exploded in the village of Forough Qala in Mardian district of Jawzjan province, killing two border guards and wounding three others, including Hamed Seifi, one of the commanders. (June 16, 1399)

    Causes of the War:  

    Existence of Koloft commercial port, geographic and strategic location, nice of existeoil and gas resources,