ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan



Taliban’s taxes, kidnapping bring road construction to halt

BALKH: The construction work on a 14-kilometer-long road in Nahr Shahi district of northern Balkh province has come to a halt since Taliban militants…


“Govt. forces’ misguided airstrikes taking civilian lives”

BALKH: The mistaken airstrike in Hazara Qashlaq village of Taloqan district, the capital of northern Takhar Province, that killed and injured 30 child…


In a first-ever move, Taliban allow Govt.-funded road construction in Paktia

GHAZNI: For the first time in Afghanistan’s recent past, the Taliban insurgents have allowed the construction of a road in southeastern Paktia provinc…


 ‘Peace Trophy’ soccer contest promotes harmony

BALKH: Soccer athletes in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the capital of northern Balkh province, have said that they are striving to turn sports into a public a…


War shattered our childlike trivial hopes: Orphans

BALKH: War-devastated children in northeastern Kunduz province who have lost their parents to the escalating conflict wish for lasting peace and stabi…


 ‘Don’t trample on war victims’ rights in peace talks’

BALKH: War victims and organizations assisting war-affected people have voiced concern that war victims’ rights are being denied to them in the ongoin…


Cycling for peace

BALKH: A team of six cyclists on Friday started their journey from the capital of northern Samangan province and arrived at Mazar-e-Sharif city, the c…


War-displaced Arzo dwellers seek help to return homes

GHAZNI: Sayedullah, a resident of the Arzo area in the capital of southern Ghazni province, lost his three shops of fabrics and tailoring following mo…


Willing to embrace Taliban for sake of peace, says war-disabled Hafiz

BALKH: Fed-up with no let-down in the ongoing conflict, the people of northern Balkh province have buried a symbolic war coffin, sending a message to…


Aftermath of Nangarhar massacre: Victims’ account

NANGARHAR: Six-year-old Ayesha was injured in a deadly blast that left scores of others, including her mother and brothers, killed and wounded.


Afghanistan now & then: 2020 vs. 1990s

Twenty four years after the brutal death of an Afghan president by the Taliban, backed by Pakistani intelligence agency, the country once again stands…


Peace talks: Balkh women fear retreat on their rights 

BALKH: With the advent of intra-Afghan peace talks between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA) and the Taliban in Doha of Qatar, public optimism…