ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan


  • Province: Badghis

    1 July 2020

    Location: North-Western
    Badghis is one of the north-western provinces of the country. Qala-e-Naw is the capital of Badghis province. Herat the west, Faryab in the east, Ghor in the south are the neighboring provinces of Badghis, and the Republic of Turkmenistan is located in the north of Badghis.
    Population: 439,500
    Area: 23,000-kilometer squares
    Ethnicity: Pashtuns, Hazara, Tajik, Uzbek
    Languages: Pashto, Dari and Uzbeki
    Armed Opposition Group(s): There are Taliban and some warlords in Badghis, but the power is divided between the government and the Taliban.
    Districts Under Control of the Government: There is the presence of government in all districts of Badghis province, but only in the center of districts. Even one can see the Taliban in Qala-e-Naw city. Taliban has their district governors, centers, courts, and prosecution offices in all districts and people attend these offices, and the control of the Taliban over the province is remarkable.
    Contested District:
    Government appointed governor for the province: Abdul Ghafur Malikzai
    Taliban shadow governor for the province: Qari Mohhamad Ayub Noorzai
    Major Security Incident(s):
    - Killings, conflicts, explosions, the collapse of some districts were some of the incidents that took place in Badghis province. However, the Taliban are responsible for many conflicts and many people have been killed recently, and still, there are heavy disputes in this province. The main reason for war in Badghis is the enormous influence of the Taliban and Pashtuns.
    Causes of the War: The main reason for war in Badghis is the enormous influence of the Taliban.