ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

Afghan women


Taliban say efforts ongoing to reopen girls’ schools

KABUL: In a recent announcement, the Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid once again pledged efforts were ongoing to reopen girls’ schools above the…


Closure of schools: Thousands female students miss entrance exam

KABUL: The Kankor, or the national university entrance exam, began on Thursday in 33 provinces, except Kabul – the first-ever exam under the Taliban w…


Female journalists complain about unemployment under Taliban

BALKH: Against the backdrop of repressive policies towards women in journalism across the country, female journalists complain of the dire circumstanc…

UN pledges girls won’t be denied education next year

KABUL: On the first anniversary of the Afghan girls’ exclusion from high schools on Sunday (September 18), the United Nations reiterated its call for…


Paktia girls vow to continue fight for education

PAKTIA: Young girls in southeastern Paktia promise to continue their struggles and pressures until they get their just right to education.


Zabul female breadwinners grumble about Taliban’s restrictions

ZABUL: A recent move by the Taliban forbids women in southern Zabul province from work and attending weddings.


Girls out of school; Uruzganis say ‘Taliban don’t represent us’

URUZGAN: Uruzgan residents have lashed at the Taliban Minister of Education for receiving a false impression that Uruzganis don’t let their girls to s…


Girls protest schools closure in Paktia; Taliban arrest 18

KABUL: Dozens of high school girls – some in head-to-toe burqas, others in school uniforms and white veils – took to the streets on Saturday of Gardez…


Kandahar: Taliban force girl students ‘old for their grade’ quit school

KANDAHAR: Girl students in 5th and 6th grades in Kandahar province lament as they are pulled out from schools by the Taliban on the pretext that they…


Taliban impose limitations on female aid workers

KANDAHAR: The Taliban Ministry of Prevention of Vice and Propagation of Virtue of Taliban has imposed restrictions on female partners and employees wo…


Taliban crackdown on educational centers 'despairing': Students

KABUL: A year after the closure of schools’ doors to girls above the sixth grade, the Taliban have now begun closing down private educational institut…