Gen. Dunford stresses conditions-based US pullout


KABUL: Former U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford has emphasized the necessity of overseeing the Taliban to ensure all the Doha peace deal terms are being honored before resorting to a further reduction of troops in Afghanistan.
Dunford, who also co-chaired the congressionally mandated Afghan Peace Process Study Committee, was told ToloNews on Friday that “it will be appropriate to check all of the requirements specified in the February 2020 deal.” 
Dunford stressed that Afghanistan’s future should be consistent with the country’s Constitution and within the framework of the country’s accomplishments over the last two decades.
“I think their understanding is that all U.S. forces will leave in May 2021. We recommended U.S. forces do not leave on May 1, 2021, unless the conditions in the February 2020 agreement are met,” he added.
To a question posed about the possibility of an interim government in the region, Dunford said it was up to the Afghans to decide on a potential government.
This is while the bipartisan study group appointed by the U.S. Congress called on Biden’s administration to slow down the removal of American troops from Afghanistan, abolish the evacuation deadline of May 1, and instead decrease the number of soldiers only if the country’s security conditions strengthen.
The study group’s recent report said that the withdrawal of foreign forces by the May 1 deadline could lead to a civil war in Afghanistan.