Afghans’ interests being kept supreme in peace process: Stanikzai 

KABUL: Masoom Stanekzai, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s chief negotiator, stressed that speeding the Afghan peace process should not come at the expense of going against the Afghan nation’s interests. 
Speaking at a virtual meeting with members of social activists and civil society groups from 34 provinces on Friday, Stanekzai said that a political, regional, and international consensus on Afghanistan’s peace process had been achieved.
In the meantime, he stated that the peace talks should also reinforce the pillars of national institutions.
The peace process should be accelerated, but rushing in this process should not jeopardize the Afghan people’s interests, said Stanekzai. “The Afghan people should be accountable to both negotiating parties,” he added.
Meanwhile, the delegates from 34 provinces shared their views and concerns with the Afghan negotiating team members.
The concerns of the participants centered on the worsening of conflict, the causes of failure in the peace process and reasons for the withdrawal of the Taliban from the negotiating table, among others. 
This comes as no proper talks on the agenda have been held between the government and the Taliban peace negotiation teams in the last 19 days while it’s been a month since the second round of intra-Afghan talks got underway.