Taliban fighters recalled to battlefield as foreign troops may stay beyond May 


KABUL:  Against the backdrop of reports suggesting the deadline for foreign troop exit from Afghanistan may not be met, Taliban fighters have reportedly been called out of their usual winter break to fight on the front line, American media reported.

In a report by NBC News quoting three Taliban militant leaders, it’s stated the insurgent group was preparing for war after their usual break.

As uncertainty looms over the US-Taliban Doha peace pact, the Taliban officers and shadow governors have been ordered to return to the frontlines and their offices and hold special meetings to prepare plans, NBC reported.

A research group delegated by the U.S. Congress had already earlier warned that if the U.S. troops make a hasty, reckless complete withdrawal, Afghanistan would be on the verge of a “new civil war.”

Meanwhile, a Taliban political chief in Qatar, said the group intended to conquer Afghanistan’s large and strategic provinces in the event another turn occurs in the peace process.

NBC announced that Taliban commanders had been recalled to seize positions in central and main districts.

This comes on the heels of a Taliban announcement warning the U.S. government that if the Biden administration does not live up to its promise to withdraw troops by the end of April, breaking the February agreement would result in “major war.”