'Dangerous consequences’ if Doha pact breached: Taliban warn US 


KABUL: The Taliban insurgent group has condemned a recommendation made by the U.S. Congress to the Biden administration, urging it to prolong the May deadline set for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. 
The Afghanistan Study Group, set up by Congress in 2019, states that a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops is not based on a strict timeline but on all parties fulfilling their commitments, including the Taliban making good on their promises to contain terrorist groups and reduce violence against the Afghan people, and making compromises to achieve a political settlement.
The report released on Wednesday stressed, “an immediate diplomatic effort to extend the current May 2021 withdrawal date in order to give the peace process sufficient time to produce an acceptable result.”
In response, the Taliban insurgent group furiously repudiated the report and cautioned the U.S. against attempting to break the Doha agreement reached last February. The group warned of “dangerous consequences” in case the Doha agreement was breached – something for which the other side would be responsible.
However, the Afghan government welcomed the U.S. report in a tweet. “The paper, which is more complicated than the title given to it, is hugely welcome. It calls for patience and deliberation rather than impulsive and rush choices, “wrote Afghanistan’s first vice-president Amrullah Saleh on his Twitter handle.