Place your demands on negotiation table: Abdullah to Taliban


KABUL: The Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, called on the Taliban to place their demands on the negotiating table and sort out their problems through talks. 
Addressing a conference regarding the creation of the HCNR Women’s Affairs Committee on Tuesday, Abdullah, based on intelligence information, accused the Taliban insurgent group of being responsible for most of the country’s targeted attacks.
“Today, unfortunately, most of this information indicates that the Taliban are carrying out these acts (recent explosions and targeted killings),” said Abdullah. 
While calling on the Taliban to address their issues on negotiating table, Abdullah stressed that no person or community would forcibly enforce their will on the Afghan people and that the Taliban should not see this as an option.
He also indicated that instead of “discussing this at the negotiating table,” the Taliban” make statements about who should be in charge.
“The negotiating table and the place of negotiations are clear, and the Afghan delegation is there […] Whatever argument they [Taliban] have, and whatever they want to raise, they can discuss it there.”
In the meantime, the HCNR deputy head said that everyone in the country, particularly women, called for a ceasefire because people were fed up. 
This comes as the Afghan Republican negotiating team has reportedly waited two weeks for the Taliban delegation to come to the negotiating table but the opposing side isn’t willing to engage. The group’s two delegations had recent forays to Moscow and Tehran.