Afghan war lacks religious legitimacy, say Muslim scholars 


KABUL: The Ulema Committee of the Afghan negotiating team met and conferred on the intra-Afghan peace process with the leadership of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IAMS) in Doha on Monday.
During the meeting, the IAMS leaders stated that the Afghan war lacked religious legitimacy, emphasizing a diplomatic and political solution to put an end to hostilities, a statement from the republican negotiating team said. 
Meanwhile, both sides said that an immediate truce was a religious obligation in the current situation, and the negotiation sides should agree on observing a comprehensive ceasefire.
The ongoing war in Afghanistan also stemmed from political differences, said the statement, adding the involvement of Afghanistan neighbors in the peace process was essential to its success. 
IAMS leadership called on the negotiating parties to step up the peace negotiations and achieve a peaceful settlement.