Doha deal 'requires inclusive Islamic govt. formation': Taliban


KABUL: The Taliban have alleged the US-Taliban peace pact dictated the formation of an inclusive Islamic government in Afghanistan and the dissolution of the current administration.
The remarks came at a news conference in Iran’s capital city Tehran on the final day, Monday, of a Taliban delegation’s week-long visit to the country. 
The insurgent group headed by the Taliban’s former spokesman for Qatar political office, Suhail Shaheen, said an “inclusive establishment” would be shaped in Kabul after the intra-Afghan talks come to an end. 
“This (current) government will be abolished on the basis of negotiations and agreements, and another government will be established,” said Shaheen.
To a question posed about the Biden administration’s decision to review the US-Taliban agreement, the Taliban delegation said Washington needed to remain committed to its peace pact and withdraw all troops by the end-April deadline.
The group warned that it would “continue the war” if the U.S. failed to withdraw all troops.