"Public solidarity key to bringing peace to Afghanistan"


BALKH: Several civil activists, tribal elders, and public representatives at a gathering in Aibak city, the capital of Samangan province, expressed support for realizing lasting peace and stability in the country.
The gathering was held to voice support to the intra-Afghan talks and the republican system. The participants called for the Afghan people’s solidarity and unity in this regard. 
Haji Raz Mohammad Khan, chairman of the Samangan Provincial Council, says the only way to achieve durable peace in the country is to maintain unity and brotherhood.
Sadiqa Moradi, a women’s rights activist in Samangan province, spoke about women’s participation in the peace process, stressing this class of the Afghan society could play a beneficial role.
Moreover, the attendees believed that war and insecurity bedeviled the Afghan nations with miseries; therefore, people should stand up to against them and work for realizing peace.