Taliban implicate 'occupation forces' in Afghan crisis, destruction


KABUL: The Taliban insurgent group on Monday dubbed the European Union intervention and foreign occupation as the primary triggers of insecurity, destruction, and killings in Afghanistan.

The group rejected the European representatives’ recent allegations that accused it of continuing a senseless war, killing civilians, destroying public infrastructure, and assassinations.

The statement comes following a European Union and foreign missions’ joint statement that blamed the rebels for increased targeted violence and destruction of vital infrastructure across the country.

“Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has absolutely no hand in civilian killings, and neither is it involved in the destruction of public infrastructure,” the statement read.

“Unfortunately, most countries including the European Union are either directly or indirectly involved in the tragedies, destruction, bombings, killings and various other crimes being experienced by our people for the past twenty years,” the statement said.

This comes as reports revealed that the foreign troops deployed in Afghanistan plan to continue beyond the US-Taliban peace agreement’s May deadline.