Pro-republic Nangarhar gathering opposes interim govt.


NANGARHAR: Tribal elders, war victims, and religious scholars gathered on Monday in eastern Nangarhar province to voice support to peace and democracy, saying the Taliban should not destroy Afghanistan and its system at the behest of foreigners.
At the gathering held in Nangarhar’s Tribal Affairs Department, the participants announced aversion to the recent remarks made by Abbas Stanekzai, deputy head of the Taliban’s Qatar political office, against the republican system. 
Tribal elder Mohammad Naeem Walaar said that if the Taliban really wanted to make peace, they should stop traveling to foreign countries and pursue peace talks inside the country instead. 
He opposed the notion that the incumbent government should be dismissed for the sake of peace and an Islamic Emirate formed instead of the republic. 
Religious scholar Maulvi Habibullah Jalalabadi challenged all those who deemed the current system un-Islamic to come forth for a debate. “Peace is the command of Allah; those not obeying it are pursuing personal interests,” he said.
This comes as a Taliban delegation led by Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai during a visit to Russia said that the current Afghan government was the only obstacle to peace and that an Islamic government will be formed at the expense of the current administration if intra-Afghan talks succeed. 
He also demanded the resignation of the Afghan President to make peace. 
The remarks provoked public ire in many provinces as people staged pro-Republic protests in Khost, Paktia, Ghani and Logar.