Khostis take to streets opposing interim govt idea


KHOST: Hundreds of inhabitants demonstrated in support of the republican system and peace on Sunday in southeastern Khost province, stating the establishment of an interim government wasn’t in Afghanistan’s interest. 
The protestors said an interim government couldn’t cure the people’s agony, so both sides must work for lasting peace. 
They questioned the remarks made by Abbas Stanekzai, the deputy head of the Taliban’s political office in Doha, to media in Moscow when he said the insurgent group would make peace if President Ashraf Ghani stepped down. 
Ustad Farid Qurban, the demonstrators’ organizer, said interim governments had not yielded positive results in the past. “We have seen many bitter experiences.” 
“Afghans neither side with the Presidential Palace, where two or three people decide on the whole nation’s fate, nor are they with the Taliban terrorists, some of whom are biding time in luxury hotels in Qatar. We stand by Republic, and that’s what we favor.” 
Qurban also criticized the Taliban, saying if they claimed the nation backed them, why did they destroy schools and kill the youth of this country. 
He said Khost people were thirsty for peace because only security could strengthen the Republic.  
Hazratullah Arghawan told Orband News: “We are against Taliban’s idea of interim government; we are in favor of the Republic. The achievements of the last 19 years must be preserved.” 
This system must be strengthened and power must be transferred democratically, said Arghawan, adding the established system and its achievements shouldn’t become victims of peace. 
Another protestor Humayoon Dost said: “We have taken to the streets in response to the interim government notion. We condemn why the Taliban have demanded a sitting president’s resignation because the system must be strengthened and both sides must work for peace with all their strength, not otherwise. Power must be transferred through elections.” 
In addition to Khost, pro-republic rallies were held in Paktia, Ghazni and Logar provinces as well.