Slow-paced Doha parleys: Wolesi Jirga forms committee for oversight 


KABUL: In order to have direct involvement in the ongoing efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan, the Afghan parliament formed a 21-member committee, chaired by Mir Rahman Rahmani, on Sunday to observe the progress made in this regard.
“Going forward, the Wolesi Jirga should be directly involved in the peace process,” said Wolesi Jirga Speaker Rahmani.
According to him, “The Wolesi Jirga should find out which side is delaying the talks, and evaluate the claims both sides are making of the other… The parliament delegation should be made aware of the reality and then it should make a comprehensive plan forward.”
Meanwhile, Rahmani stated that he welcomed the United States and the Taliban’s plan for establishing an interim government.
A draft of an interim setup has been reportedly devised for bringing a transitional government at the held for the sake of peace. 
“We welcome it because it has mentioned staying with the current system and the national assembly, but it has many problems that need discussion,” he added. 
After Rahmani’s opening ceremony, the members of the committee initiated their work and at the end, they decided that the committee should first talk with Afghan political leaders and then travel to Doha to meet with the negotiating parties.
“The agenda is for one week and includes meetings with different institutions and the High Council for National Reconciliation at the top of the list so that the committee is informed of all issues around peace,” said Abdul Rauf Inami, a lawmaker and the spokesman of the committee. 
The members of the committee said they would start their consultations on Monday (today) with politicians and members of civil society.