Iranian FM lends support to 'all-inclusive' Afghan Govt.


KABUL: Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has lent weight to the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan during a meeting with visiting Taliban delegation in Tehran.
A press statement released on Sunday after a meeting between the Taliban delegation led by deputy leader Mullah Ghani Baradar said Iran’s foreign minister welcomed the idea of forming an all-inclusive government including all ethnic and political groups in Afghanistan.
“Political decisions could not be made in a vacuum, and the formation of an all-inclusive government must take place in a participatory process and by taking into account the fundamental structures, institutions, and laws, such as the Constitution,” Zarif said.
Zarif also shared Iran’s readiness to promote dialogue between the Afghan government, the Taliban, and other Afghan groups.
Meanwhile, he was quoted as expressing hope that the Taliban would concentrate efforts on an immediate end to the Afghan people’s pains and problems. “Peace in Afghanistan would strip the outsiders of a pretext for occupation.” 
In the meantime, Baradar condemning the destructive activities of ISIS (Daesh) in Afghanistan, expressed satisfaction with the intra-Afghan talks. He described the formation of an all-inclusive government as a necessary condition for establishing peace in Afghanistan.
The Taliban delegation arrived in Tehran for talks with Iranian officials on Tuesday following the host country’s formal invitation. 
The Taliban delegation’s visit to Iran comes in the middle of the second round of intra-Afghan negotiations ongoing in Doha. The talks resumed earlier this month but have failed to make any progress.