Taliban responsible for surging targeted violence: EU


 KABUL: The European Union bloc has condemned the spike in targeted killings and kidnappings in Afghanistan, saying the Taliban insurgent group bore responsibility for most of the targeted violence. 
In a joint statement released on Sunday, the EU Delegation and the diplomatic missions in Afghanistan unanimously denounced the continuation of assassinations, kidnappings, and destruction of vital infrastructure – all of which directly harm the Afghan people.  
 “The Taliban bears responsibility for the majority of this targeted violence, and its attacks undermine state institutions and contribute to an insecure environment in which terrorist and criminal groups are able to operate freely,” it said. 
The statement has called on Afghanistan’s government to more actively and transparently investigate these attacks to ensure that those who instigate and carry out violence against the population were identified and brought to justice. 
The bloc vehemently lashed out at the Taliban for destructing vital infrastructure, in which the international community has heavily invested over the years. 
The statement also said that the Taliban must understand that their violent, destructive actions outrage the world and must cease if peace is to come to Afghanistan.  
 “We continue to be steadfast in our resolve to assist the people of Afghanistan in achieving peace, justice, and development. We expect the Taliban to demonstrate its support for the people of Afghanistan by ending the violence, stopping the destruction of vital infrastructure, and committing to sustainable peace, for the benefit of all Afghans,” it added. 
This comes as earlier this month, the Afghan security officials alleged that the Taliban were behind the increased “targeted killings.”  Meanwhile, five journalists and two civil society activists have been killed in various incidents since November 7.