Presidential aide claims Taliban unwilling to make peace


KABUL: A senior aide to President Ashraf Ghani has said the Taliban should fulfill their past promises and commitments before putting new conditions on the table.

Waheed Omar, Director General of the Office of Public and Strategic Relations at the Administrative Office of the President, addressing a press conference on Saturday, said the Afghan government had taken six significant reconciliation measures in the past two years but the Taliban did not reciprocate.

“The Taliban have not taken even a small step towards peace over the last two years,” Omar claimed, adding that “Instead of imposing new conditions, they [Taliban] must fulfill their past commitments.”

Meanwhile, he reiterated that stability wouldn’t be permanently dependent on a compromise with many leaders or “elite peace.”

The remarks come as the Taliban have said that if Ghani stepped down from power, they were willing to enter into negotiations with a new regime.

However, President Ghani dismissed the notion of a transitional government, saying it would beget bloodshed, given the wisdom of hindsight.