Sapling plantation campaign for peace kicks-off in Jawzjan


BALKH: Department of Environmental Protection Friday launched a sapling plantation drive to promote a culture of peace in Sheberghan city, the capital of northern Jawzjan province. 
This campaign will last a week so that various governmental and non-governmental institutions can work together to bring peace. 
Khojasteh Qayam Talash, head of the Environmental Protection Department in Jawzjan province, said she wanted to spread social awareness of peace and encourage inhabitants to peace and greenery by planting trees. 
She underlined that green areas were demolished during the war, adding peace and the environment had a deep connection that must be upheld.
Meanwhile, chanting the slogan of “We are planting the seedlings for peace,” the campaign participants called on warring parties to stop the fighting and reduce the levels of violence in the country so that the people could finally achieve real peace.