Interim setups lead to bloodshed, warns Pres. Ghani


KABUL: In reaction to the Taliban’s remarks that cited the incumbent government as a hindrance to peace, President Ashraf Ghani on Friday reacted he wasn’t an obstacle but a ‘champion’ of peace in Afghanistan.

Addressing the ASPEN Security Forum, President Ghani rejected the prospect of establishing an interim government in the country, saying he had sworn in to uphold the Constitution of the nation.

“We’ve had interim governments. They have led to bloodshed,” President Ghani cautioned, adding that an interim setup in Afghanistan would be detrimental.

“The citizens of Afghanistan must be empowered… Where would I get the authority to dissolve the Republic? I have sworn to uphold the Constitution,” Ghani added.

This comes in the wake of a key Taliban negotiator’s remarks who said the Taliban would agree on peace if Ghani stepped down from power. 

Moreover, the President said the current level of violence should be considered when it comes to plans to withdraw forces from the country.  “We must ask what is required to preserve the legacy of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.”

President Ghani said that no one should underestimate “our resolve” and that “none of us has plans to live somewhere else or abandon this country that has suffered so much.”

Earlier, the U.S. President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that they are “taking a hard look” at how the Taliban were complying with its agreement with the U.S. before deciding how to proceed.