Taliban violating US-Taliban pact, says Pentagon


KABUL: The Taliban insurgent group aren’t upholding their commitments and promises made in the US-Taliban peace agreement, claimed the US Department of Defense. 
Based on the pact, the Taliban rebels are supposed to halt their attacks on the US troops, severely reduce the conflict level, and advance peace negotiations with the Afghan government.
“We are still involved in trying to get a negotiated settlement,” said Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby on Thursday, adding the Taliban hadn’t fulfilled their vows. 
Meanwhile, Kirby stressed that the Biden administration remained loyal to the US-Taliban deal, and there was “no change” to the US commitments made in the peace transaction.  
However, he said, “The Taliban are failing to fulfill their commitments to reduce violence and to renounce Al-Qaeda ties.” 
Kirby also called on the Taliban insurgents to honor their own promises; otherwise, “it will be difficult for anyone at that negotiating table.”