Prioritize ceasefire, violence reduction in Doha talks: Abdullah 


KABUL: Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation counseled the republican negotiation team in Doha to prioritize ceasefire and violence reduction in the negotiations with the Taliban delegation.
Meanwhile, he hailed the negotiators’ efforts in the peace parleys during a video call when he listened to their report, their progress, and the challenges they had faced.
“I praised them for their tireless efforts and hard work for peace. […] I instructed the team to focus on the ceasefire, reduction of violence, and an end to the targeted killings as the priorities of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.”
Meanwhile, the Republican team has called on the Taliban to engage in talks and express their demands at the negotiating peace table.
This comes as for the past 11 days, negotiations between the republican and the Taliban negotiators have stalled as the Taliban have been accused of having no will to bring peace to Afghanistan.