Ghani discusses peace with Blinken in telephonic conversation


KABUL: In a phone call with Afghan President Ghani, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken conferred on the Afghan peace process and the US contribution to Afghanistan, according to the US State Department. 
According to a statement released on Thursday, the Secretary stressed strong diplomatic support for the Afghan peace talks to help the conflicting parties achieve a sustainable and just political settlement and a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire that benefitted all Afghans.
Meanwhile, the State Department reiterated that the US administration was reviewing the US-Taliban agreement signed in February 2020.
“The United States is reviewing the US-Taliban agreement of February 2020 and whether the Taliban are living up to their commitments to cut ties with terrorist groups, reduce violence in Afghanistan and engage in meaningful negotiations with the government of Afghanistan and other stakeholders,” read the statement.
Blinken also called on the leaders of Afghanistan to embrace and support the historic peacemaking opportunity.
He assured that the US would work with the Afghan government, NATO allies, and international partners on a joint plan to foster Afghanistan’s prosperous, independent, inclusive and safe future.