Taliban refuse to engage in talks for past 9 days: Nadery


KABUL: The republican negotiating team on Tuesday accused the Taliban representatives in Doha of refusing formal interaction for over a week, a claim refuted by the Taliban delegation.
“It’s been nine days that formal meetings are not held, and the other side (Taliban) is not willing to engage in talks to end the conflict and save lives,” Afghan negotiator Nader Nadery stated on his Twitter handle.
Meanwhile, Nadery added that the Afghan people and the government’s top priority was stability and cessation of violence. “The government peace negotiating team is determined and present in Doha to reach this noble aim.”
However, the Taliban insurgent group rejected the accusations, saying reports that the intra-Afghan talks had been delayed indefinitely were false, and the two teams were in touch with each other. 
Since September, the two sides have been engaged in the Qatari capital of Doha to find a political settlement to the Afghan conflict, but a series of long pauses have already disrupted the talks, which have yielded no significant headways so far.