Taliban protection led to Al-Qaeda resurgence in Afghanistan: US


KABUL: The Taliban haven’t severed ties with the al-Qaeda group, which is gaining strength in Afghanistan, a US Treasury Department report has found, adding the two remained closely aligned despite the US-Taliban Doha deal. 
As of 2020, al-Qaeda was “gaining power in Afghanistan while continuing to operate with the Taliban under the protection of the Taliban,” according to the report. 
Al Qaeda capitalizes on its alliance with the Taliban, providing advice, direction, and financial assistance through its network of advisors and consultants integrated with the Taliban.
The report maintained there was no evidence available so far that the Taliban had taken measures to weed out the al Qaeda network within Afghanistan. “The Taliban continues to lie about al Qaeda, asserting that it is not even present in the country.: 
Treasury states that the Haqqani Network senior officials have discussed forming a new joint unit of armed fighters in collaboration with and financed by al Qaeda.
This comes as the US-Taliban peace deal signed in February last year stipulated that the Taliban should cut off ties with al-Qaeda – one of the four promises to be honored – as a precondition for the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.