Taliban aren't devoted to Afghan peace, claims Mohib 


KABUL: The National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib on Sunday accused the Taliban of not contributing and staying committed to the peace process, saying the group’s negotiation team had no decision-making authority.
At a security meeting in Kabul on Sunday, Mohib claimed that the Taliban weren’t devoted to the peace talks and their peace delegation wasn’t authorized to make decisions; therefore, they wasted time. 
Meanwhile, quoting to the intelligence reports, he stressed that the Taliban were preparing for war this spring.
Afghan Army Chief Yasin Zia also said the defense forces had “new plans for the war ahead,” adding that the Afghan government was committed to the peace process. “We fulfilled our wish for peace but the Taliban did not use it.” 
On the other side, officials claimed that if the negotiations couldn’t come up with an outcome, next spring may be the bloodiest year in 20 years. 
However, they assured that the Afghan government was seeking to enact a defensive strategy.
Moreover, Mohib indicated that previously former US national security agencies had no close ties with the Afghan government. He hoped relations between “government to government” and “institution to institution” would further strengthen under the new American administration.