Abdullah stays optimistic about outcome of peace talks


KABUL: Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) says that he remains hopeful about the outcome of the Afghan peace talks ongoing between the republican and the Taliban negotiators, even though violence in the country is “unacceptably” high.
Once again, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah stressed that the republican negotiators entered the second phase of negotiations with firm resolve and expectation of achieving a truce.
Meanwhile, in a ceremony held to form a youth committee for peace, Abdullah underlined that “We have not lost hope in the process, but it would have been good if the ceasefire was announced in the first stage.” 
When it comes to stability, he said that efforts would be needed to reintegrate the region. “The issue of reintegration comes next once we reach peace,” Abdullah added.
This is while earlier as part of peace efforts in the region, President Ashraf Ghani warned of “serious” implications of an interim set-up, saying that elections are the only way to transfer power in Afghanistan.