War on Daesh leaves Haska Mina inhabitants in ruins


NANGARHAR: Residents of the Haska Mina district of eastern Nangarhar province say that they have rendered tremendous sacrifices and incurred financial losses during the fight against Daesh or Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) insurgents. They grumble the government is yet to assist them.
They say around 30 percent of their houses and public facilities have been destroyed during the war in the district.
Afghan forces and Daesh militants have been engaged in intense battles in the Haska Mina district for the last four years. Officials now say that most parts of the district have been cleared of the militants.
Local residents speak of officials’ promises held out to reconstruct their houses and facilities. Nevertheless, nothing has been done on that front. 
Abdul Samad, a resident of the Gorgori area of Haska Mina district, who was displaced to the district center due to violence in their region, said that he sometimes visited his old war-demolished house, but there was no guarantee one would stay alive by living there.  
Sayed Alam, another elderly resident of the district who fled and took refuge in a safe place, said that the government had promised them assistance but they were yet to receive anything.
Rezwanullah Basharmal, Haska Mina district chief, also said that around 30 percent of houses and public facilities had razed to the ground in the district.
He said that Gorgori, Shabi, Awghaz, Gagari, Shikha, Kala, Loi Payen and Kam Payen villages of the district were not habitable.
Around 1,450 houses in these villages and some other areas of the district were destroyed, besides many other bridges, culverts, roads, mosques, schools and healthcare centers being ruined.
Basharmal said that the local administration had surveyed the damaged areas several times, but no practical action was so far taken for their rehabilitation. 
Mohammad Omar Ghorzang, the district education director, said that only four of the total 26 schools had buildings while the rest lacked proper premises, primarily owing to the destructive war. 
However, Nangarhar governor’s spokesman, Attaullah Khogyani, said that plans would be taken at hand to restore the damaged areas in all districts of Nangarhar.
However, he did not provide further details regarding how and when the local administration would go about the renovation of the province’s war-perished regions.