Presidential Palace against release of more Taliban inmates


KABUL: A senior advisor to the president Waheed Omar says freeing thousands of Taliban prisoners has caused increased violence and releasing more of them would deteriorate the country’s security situation even further.
Talking to the government’s accountability conference on Wednesday in Kabul, the presidential advisor in public and strategic affairs said against all expectations, violence spiked with the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, which included dangerous insurgents.
The people expected that the country’s conflicts would be eased with the release of these inmates, but on the contrary, the situation worsened, he said.
Omar’s statement comes as the Taliban reportedly want the release of their 7,000 prisoners in the government’s custody and the removal of their leaders from the UN blacklist to advance peace negotiations.
Based on the US-Taliban agreement, the Afghan government freed 5,000 Taliban prisoners, which the group sticked to as a condition for starting intra-Afghan negotiations. The Taliban also, in return, released 1,000 prisoners of the government.
The Peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban representatives officially got underway in Doha on September 12, 2020.