Govt.’s in its death throes: Taliban respond to Saleh’s remarks


KABUL: The Taliban insurgent group, while reacting to First Vice President Amrullah Saleh’s recent remarks, has alleged the Afghan government is breathing its last, accusing it of trying to disrupt peace bids.

“The Kabul administration is taking its last breaths and has already lost all of its trump cards,” the Taliban said in a statement on Tuesday. 

The statement came on hard about Saleh’s recent remarks saying that the Taliban were increasing their attacks because they felt they deserved impunity. Saleh recommended that Taliban inmates in government’s custody be executed as a solution to deter assassination attempts. 

According to the Taliban, President Ghani’s opposition wants him to step down and hand power over to an interim government. 

“The government of Afghanistan that claims to be democratic has forgotten that based on its democracy, prisoners of war should not be executed because they are entitled to rights from the aspect of this chaff democracy,” it added. 

The statement also blamed the government for targeted killings, stating that Kabul sought foreign powers to remain in the country and capitalize on invasion revenues through this trick.

Taliban question Afghan democracy when the group itself has no regard for a democratic system; it’s infamous for extra-judicial killings and kangaroo courts. This is while the governorment accuses the Taliban of being behind the recent spate of targeted assassinations.