Uruzgan dwellers deem dialogue sole way for ending war

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KANDAHAR: Dozens of youths in Tirinkot city, the capital of southern Uruzgan province, have lent support to the second phase of intra-Afghan talks, saying pursuing dialogue should be the only way for finding a solution to the decades-long war in Afghanistan.

Uruzgan is one of the provinces with unstable security, which has affected public life in most parts, including the provincial capital.

Uruzgan governor, Mohammad Omar Sherzad, addressing the meeting in Tirinkot, said Uruzgan was one of the provinces which were hardly hit by war.

“This is my second term as a governor in Uruzgan, but this time, the security situation has worsened and people look more disappointed as war has ruined everything. Besides the government, the people should also protect their country and the republic and press the warring sides to embrace peace.”

Najibullah, a resident of Tirinkot city, who lost his family members to the war, said, “The war has existed for as long as I remember, except for a few years when we breathed a sigh of relief. The rest of our life has been spent in war, so we beg the Taliban to stop fighting and adopt negotiations as the way for finding a solution.”

Most of the other participants in the meeting called on the Taliban, the government, and the international end community to immediately the conflict and ensure peace.

They said that women, children, and youths were the primary victims of war and the warring sides should show mercy on public life.

The second round of intra-Afghan talks started on January 6 in Doha, but there has been so far no considerable progress made.