"Peace should be public-centric, not a political process" 


BALKH: Professors at the Balkh University on Sunday gathered in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital, emphasizing that the Afghan peace process should be democratic rather than being a political scheme.
The program organized by the Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies focused on ‘peace and political participation of powerholders’.  
Maria Raheen, the Journalism faculty’s president at Balkh University, underlined that the first component of peace was social justice and comprehensiveness; therefore, people should be involved in the process.
She believed the peace talks were transformed into a political-military process, adding the government should pave the ground for public participation in making the system rather democratic. 
Meanwhile, Qasim Tavakoli and Sikandar Sepehr, two university professors in Balkh province, also held similar views, saying that the peace process wouldn’t yield an effective outcome unless Afghan masses were included.