Saleh proposes Taliban inmates' execution to deter assassinations


KABUL: First Vice President Amrullah Saleh has hinted at resorting to death penalties for several Taliban prisoners following the spike in assassinations of prominent figures in the capital and a number of the country’s provinces, proposing capital punishment could control the situation.
“Taliban detainees think they would be exempted from punishment and that is one of the main reasons for increased targeted attacks in Kabul and some major cities,” Saleh said in a Facebook post on Monday meant to share the details of his daily morning meetings. 
President Ashraf Ghani gave charge of Kabul security to Saleh in October following an increase in crimes in the city and since Saleh has been holding regular meetings with security officials every morning at 6:30 am. Saleh share proceedings of the meeting with the public for transparency every day. 
At the 80th meeting of the Kabul Security Team chaired by Saleh, the assassination of two female workers of the Supreme Court that occurred on Sunday was tabled for discussion. 
Saleh proposed one of the solutions to this problem was executing a number of Taliban detainees so it would become a lesson to others. 
His statements about capital punishment for Taliban prisoners come as targeted killing and assassinations of military men, journalists and civil society activists have recently increased.