Doha negotiators meet in first-ever plenary session on agenda 


KABUL: The Afghan delegation and the Taliban representatives met on Sunday night in Doha for the first time on leadership-level since the start of the second round of negotiations and conferred on the peace negotiations’ agenda.
A member of the government negotiating team, Nader Nadery, said that the participants shared their opinions and views regarding the talks’ agenda.
In a similar statement, the Taliban confirmed they met the republican side and discussed issues related to the agenda and future meetings. 
Meanwhile, the High Council for National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah has said the government negotiators would speed up the Doha peace talks, stressing they were ready to negotiate with full authority on any issue related to the agenda.
The second round’s first-ever plenary session comes as working groups having been met on three occasions since the beginning of the second round of talks were unable to make progress on the agenda for structured negotiations.