Negotiating teams haven't met for a week: Sources


KABUL: Some sources reveal that no meetings have been held between the government and the Taliban negotiators during the last week to discuss the talks’ agenda, something the second round of negotiations is supposed to deliver on.
The two teams held two meetings since the negotiations resumed on January 5 but since last Sunday, January 10, the two sides had no dialogues, a source close to the government’s negotiating team said
The source said that the government’s negotiating team had requested the Taliban during the period to organize a meeting, but the Taliban chose silence.
Another source privy to the Afghan peace negotiations said that a meeting was expected to be held between the two sides today, but it was delayed.
On the other hand, Taliban’s spokesman for its political office in Qatar, Mohammad Naim today tweeted that the group’s deputy head for its political office, Mullah Abdul Ghani Bradar and Mulavi Abdul Hakim Haqqani, another Taliban member met with the US special representative for the Afghan peace process,  Zalmai Khalilzad and NATO and US forces commander in Afghanistan, General Miller, on Saturday.
He said that the two sides discussed the importance of implementing the US-Taliban agreement and the current situation of Afghanistan.