Absentee negotiators arrive in Doha to resume talks: HCNR


KABUL: The High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) has said that a number of members of the government’s negotiation team, who could not join the second phase of talks for some reasons, have arrived in Doha.  
Faraidoon Khwazoon, a spokesman of HCNR, told Azadi Radio that a limited number of the team members who could not join the second phase of the talks due to personal and health issues had arrived in Qatar and resumed negotiations.
Some members of the Taliban’s negotiating team who were absent in talks have also arrived in Doha.
A source who wished to go unnamed said that the government and Taliban negotiating teams were expected to meet on Saturday, but no meeting was held between the contact groups about the talks’ agenda.
On the other hand, the Taliban show readiness for negotiations. The Taliban’s Spokesman Mohammad Naeem said that their chief negotiator, political affairs representatives, and head of the group’s Qatar office were also present for talks.
This is while no progress has been made in finalizing the peace negotiations’ agenda despite it’s been eleven days since the negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban returned tpo Doha.
After a three-week recess, the second phase of negotiations between the Taliban and Afghan government representatives resumed on January 5.