Govt. assures foreign troop withdrawal won't impact security


KABUL: The government of Afghanistan on Saturday assured that the US troop withdrawal from the country would not negatively affect the country’s overall security situation. 
The Afghan Defense Ministry stated that the National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) had achieved the aptitude to confront insurgents on the battlefields independently.  
“The reduction in the US forces number will not leave any significant impacts on the war in Afghanistan,” said Rahmatullah Andar, Spokesman for the National Security Council (NSC). 
Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai also emphasized that “the brave members of the Afghan security and defense forces are carrying nearly 100 percent of counterterrorism operations on their own. They have the required capabilities for ground and air operations.”
This is while the US released a statement confirming that the number of US forces in Afghanistan, as ordered by President Donald Trump, has been reduced to 2,500.