Balkh activists demand proper women representation in peace


BALKH: Civil and women’s rights activists on Friday gathered in a meeting in Kunduz province, stressing that women have made many sacrifices over the years, necessitating their proper and adequate participation in the Afghan peace process. 
The participants partook in a local discourse on women’s significant contribution to the peace process that was launched by the Afghan Women’s Network. 
Women from Kunduz, Baghlan, Takhar, and Badakhshan provinces that took part in the program believed women were being sacrificed more in the war; hence, their active involvement in the negotiations was needed. 
They highlighted that most women in remote villages and areas weren’t familiar with peace and that they should be made aware of the peace process and their views in this regard incorporated.  
Declaration of a ceasefire, an end to the war, women’s participation, a continuation of peace talks, and the peace process’s success were among the main issues the participants emphasized and demanded.