Doha peace talks a foreign process, not Afghan-owned: NSA Mohib


KABUL: Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib believes the Afghan army, commandos, and police forces have reached the level where they could ensure the country’s security and do without the foreign forces’ assistance. 
However, he emphasized that the Afghan nation needed NATO and some other countries’ technical cooperation.  “NATO and some other countries said they would keep their forces in Afghanistan.” 
“Instability in Afghanistan is not just a threat to Afghans, it is a global threat,” said Mohib, speaking to BBC’s Open Jirga program on Thursday morning. 
With regard to the peace process, the NSA stressed that “the Taliban are not seeking peace, they are wasting time, and they think that after the withdrawal of foreign forces, there may be an opportunity to force the government which is impossible.”
Moreover, Mohib believed that the current peace process wasn’t an Afghan one because Afghans didn’t own it. “It is clear from its name (Doha process) that it is a foreign process,” he concluded.