Personal interests behind the push for interim Govt: Zakhilwal


KABUL: Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, the former Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, has termed the push by some Afghan leaders for an interim government as meant to pursue their own interests. 
Zakhilawal also claimed that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, during his presidency, has violated 80% of the Constitution.

In an exclusive interview with Ariana News Agency on Thursday, Zakhilwal said the President himself had violated the Afghan Constitution at various times.
He also underlined that the Taliban would be able to run and compete in the Afghan elections. 
“Why should we have to reject it [participation of the Taliban in elections], we have logic…when it is about Afghanistan’s sustainability and durable peace, it is defensible,” Zakhilwal said. 
Meanwhile, referring to an interim government that several Afghan leaders are asking for, he said that some of these figures are trying to pursue their own interests.
According to him, the Afghan peace process is a US effort that has caused concerns for Ghani and his government.  “The President is worried about this imposition. The President says another person can hand over the power to an interim government, and that is why he is so worried,” Zakhilwal said.
At the same time, he called on the Afghan negotiation teams in Doha to work out differences as rapidly as feasible and end the bloodshed.