VP Danish debunks amendment of Constitution for peace

VP Danish.JPG

KABUL: The Second Afghan Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish has stressed the Afghan Constitution isn’t a barrier to the Afghan peace process, saying there is no need to change the supreme law as part of the process.
The government of Afghanistan was fully supportive of the peace process within the existing system’s framework, Danish told TOLOnews on Wednesday. 
Referring to the Afghan Constitution, he said: “In terms of peace, we do not see any need to amend the Constitution, because this Constitution reflects a plan for peace; we do not see any item in the Constitution to defy peace.” 
Meanwhile, Danish also talked regarding the rumors about establishing an interim government in Afghanistan over the past few weeks. 
 “We insist that the continuity of the system within the framework of the Constitution is not only supported by the government side but by all those who are in support of the republic system,” he stressed.