Taliban warn US of reaction following continued airstrikes 


KABUL: The Taliban have asked the US to certify that airstrikes carried out by its forces in Afghanistan didn’t breach the US-Taliban peace agreement, as well as the ongoing intra-Afghan talks in Doha. 
“We have made it clear to them [the US], and we are still saying that if the operation continues in violation and in an intentional manner, of course, we will be forced to react, and this is a provocative act,” Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid warned in an interview with the Sputnik International news agency on Tuesday. 
“We have seriously told them that they should control the bombings,” the Taliban Spokesman added.
According to Mujahid, the Doha agreement is a sensible settlement to resolve the war and must be executed by both sides. 
He emphasized that the next US administration should implement the pact to end the war, adding the insurgent group would monitor the agreement’s execution, which he stated was in both sides’ interests. 
Meanwhile, Mujahid also highlighted that it was unlikely that the forthcoming inauguration of Joe Biden as new US President would result in the removal of the United States from the Doha peace agreement.
“This is the will of the American people, and it does not belong to an election team because those who have debated and reached the agreement with us were the American strategists, members of key US institutions,” the Taliban Spokesman stressed.