Afghanistan could turn into haven for terrorists, warns Ghani 


KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned against Afghanistan becoming a safe haven for international terrorist groups once again if peace and stability were not achieved in the country. 
While delivering a speech at the Kabul University regarding peace on Monday, President Ghani underlined that any efforts for peace would not procure a positive outcome without active diplomacy by the European Union and the US. 
“If we moved toward destruction, international terrorism would build a nest here (in Afghanistan), and then no one would witness a happy day,” Ghani cautioned.
However,  he said an international consensus had been formed for Afghanistan’s national sovereignty, democracy, and national unity, “but the US and the region’s active diplomacy is crucial.”
“Without the role of active diplomacy of the US and EU, the region would not reach a result; therefore, regionally and globally work is needed,” Ghani concluded.