"Increased attacks won't serve Taliban's leverage wish"


BALKH: Residents of northern Balkh province on Monday urged the warring parties to cease violence and join the comprehensive peace process.
Referring to the second round of peace talks, the residents told OrbandNews that people’s primary demand was a permanent ceasefire in the country.
Sebghatullah and Abdul Shakur, two residents of Balkh province, believe that the Taliban are expecting leverage in the peace process by increasing their attacks and turning their guns on defenseless civilians. 
Noorullah is another resident of Balkh who says peace is one of the Afghan people’s basic needs; therefore, people only want this fundamental phenomenon to be achieved. 
The declaration of a permanent ceasefire, the realization of lasting peace, the cessation of hostilities, and the preservation of the past two decades’ achievements were among the most basic demands of these people.