Wolesi Jirga criticizes govt. failure to ensure public security


KABUL: Some lawmakers have said that the government has failed to provide security for the people as assassinations and explosions have turned into routine incidents, disrupting Afghans’ daily lives. 
Wolesi Jirga members in a meeting on Saturday said that the public was tired of uncontrolled explosions and targeted attacks that happened daily, adding the war-ravaged Afghan citizens wanted practical steps for improving the situation.
“People do not feel safe even in the capital of the country; they face targeted attacks and killings on routine. A few criminals arrested in connection to these incidents cannot cure any pain,” Latif Nahzatyar, a lawmaker from Nuristan province, said.
Another lawmaker, Qayoum Sajadi, said that the government’s current security strategy was unresponsive to the rising threats. There was a need for a comprehensive plan with practical actions to control the situation.
Several other Wolesi Jirga members held similar views and asked the government to take urgent measures to improve the security situation.
This comes as targeted attacks on journalists, civil society activists, and military men have recently increased in Kabul and some other provinces across the country.