Kandahar people term ongoing conflict ‘genocide of Afghans'


KANDAHAR: Residents of southern Kandahar province say violence in districts of the province has intensified, leading to considerable casualties to Taliban and Afghan forces.
They said all those who lost their lives in the ongoing war were Afghans, calling on both sides to declare a ceasefire.
Atta Mohammad, a resident of the Nagahan area of Arghandab district of Kandahar province, lamented instances of two brothers fighting each other – one being in Taliban ranks and another in Afghan forces. 
He said that no foreigners were fighting in the conflict and all those who suffered casualties were Afghans. “It is not a war, but the genocide of Afghans,” he said.
Kandahar people are worried about escalated violence in their regions, asking the Taliban and the government to agree on a ceasefire.
Local security officials say that 698 Taliban insurgents have been killed in various districts of Kandahar over the last one month.
Security officials say they had made progress during an ongoing operation in the province, but civilians caught in war say they were in great trouble.
The conflict in seven Kandahar districts, including Arghandab, Dand, Zhari, Panjwayee, Maroof, Arghistan and Maiwnad, has intensified over the last three months, and the Taliban have captured many areas from the Afghan forces in the mentioned regions.
The war has driven a large number of families from their regions who currently live in the capital of Kandahar province.