Doha negotiating teams begin parleying critical discussions


KABUL: The Afghan negotiating teams are slated to delve into more fundamental discussions in the ongoing peace process in Doha on Saturday, says the spokesperson for the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR). 
Faraidoon Khwazoon reiterated every member of the Republican team had a deep understanding of the situation in Afghanistan, the urgent need to bring peace, as well as the numerous coffins weighing over Afghans’ shoulders.
 “With this understanding, the team is going forward in unison. Pray that Allah endows them with success,” he added. 
This is while the Afghan delegation and the Taliban representatives started the second round of the intra-Afghan talks on Wednesday evening in Qatar. 
Earlier, the sides had agreed during a preparatory meeting to discuss agenda topics on Saturday (today). 
While the Afghan government prioritizes a ceasefire, the Taliban says establishing an Islamic system in the country is the superior demand.
This is while the leadership committee of HCNR at a meeting today at Sapaidar Palace, chaired by Chairman Abdullah Abdullah, will discuss the latest progress in peace efforts, the start of the second round of talks in  Doha, as well as guidelines for the negotiating team.