Paktia people protest two residents' murder by special police 


PAKTIA: Several residents of the Ahmadabad district of southeastern Paktia province have blocked the Kabul Gardez highway in protest to the killing of two local residents by special police forces.
The protestors brought corpses of the slain people who were brothers to the governor’s house and closed Gardez-Kabul highway for traffic for several hours.
Sialbat, brother of the victims, asked judicial organs of the government to enforce justice about the murder of his brothers.
However, a statement from the Special Police Unit, said that they destroyed five narcotics factories and 40 tons of drugs in the Ahmadabad district during an operation.
The source said two people were also killed during a clash in the area and rejected protestors’ claims as baseless.
Local residents say that one of the victims was a university student and another was a teacher, who they added had no crimes.
Paktia governor Mohammad Halim Fidai said that an investigation would be launched into the incident.